All means all! Registration

Introduction: We tried to keep the registration form as simple as possible. Nevertheless it is quite long.

We divided the form into two parts:

The first part covers your motivation to participate in the workshop and the content you want to work on. This part might take a while to fill out. You can also use this Word Document with our registration form questions to fill it out offline and just copy the answers later into our online registration form. Please note that the answers to the first part will be visible during the OpenReview, for everyone who signs up for the Open Review Process.

The second part is easier to fill out and will not be public. We are asking personal questions (about gender, race and other dimensions) and we are aware that some of you might prefer not to answer those, which is fine. We are asking those questions because we want to ensure a workshop with a diverse group of participants. If you do not want to answer those questions please skip them.

Visit the registration form.